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What Is It?

The desire to be intentional about your own leadership development is there in every leader.  For most ministry leaders, continual learning and staying up-to-date on leadership principles is a major felt need.  But coming up with a plan and sticking to it is the only obstacle.
That’s where YouLead comes in handy.

Your time is limited. Your desire to grow is pressing. YouLead fits the bill.  It is a structured leadership development plan – not only for you, but also for your leadership team.

Each week, you’ll find resources for your personal leadership development that take 20 minutes or less.
Additionally, each month you’ll find a structured plan to connect with your volunteers in an encouraging way that also emphasizes key Orange principles.

And for icing on the cake, you’ll get plans and discussion topics to challenge your staff and leadership in the same Orange principles.
Lead yourself….lead your team…lead your leaders.


Coming Up in YouLead

Your influence on the next generation is determined by how you lead. Reggie Joiner will talk Leading Change and Leading Small, two key elements for effective family ministry. You’ll also be introduced to ideas in ministry-specific breakouts. Bring your entire family ministry team and join hundreds of leaders as Orange comes to you!