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    REFUND POLICY: All Stuff Leaders Want license terms are 12 months unless otherwise noted. Cancellations are accepted within 60 days of account sign-up or renewal with the following fees imposed:
    • $50.00 cancellation fee
    • $25.00 for each resource previously downloaded

    Only one cancellation per curriculum license is allowed per organization.
    The total refund due will equal the original license fee payment, less the $50 cancellation fee and any applicable download charges.

    Stuff Leaders Want is provided by a non-profit organization. Its funding comes from licensing rights purchased by churches and organizations like yours. We request that all parties adhere to the policies outlined in the agreement on a “good faith” basis. The licensing agreement allows reproduction of printed materials for distribution to the volunteers and staff within your church’s or organization’s environments during the period for which the license is purchased and granted. We also give permission to ministry leaders to customize editable materials within the doctrinal guidelines of our statement of faith. Churches and organizations are allowed to use all or any part of these resources for the purpose of encouraging, equipping, and developing the volunteers in their programs and themselves as ministry leaders.

    Payment of a licensing fee for YouLead materials entitles the user to one year’s limited access and use of resources on this web site. This access and use is restricted to employees and volunteers of the subscribing entity and may not be transferred or sold. Portions of the content on this site are editable text and may be changed to meet the implementation needs of the licensed entity only. Editing for the purpose of redistribution or repurposing is strictly prohibited.

    The MPEG-layer 3 (mp3) format is an unsecured audio format.
    We provide MP3 format files as promotional tracks and podcasts.
    The following restrictions apply:

    • Local playback – unlimited
    • Permission to burn audio track to CD for volunteer and personal use – unlimited
    • Permission to transfer audio track to single MP3-enabled portable device – unlimited

    Any reproduction for commercial resale or distribution is strictly prohibited.